SDC In-Between Party 11/21 6:45 PM

AJET will be teaming with EoA to bring you an EXCELLENT after party (or in-between party) at the SDC. You’ll already be in Aomori, so no need to fret! There will be a JET Talent Show, Door Prizes, and an E of A Services Auction All for NO COST AT ALL!

Only 2,500 yen for nomihoudai from 7-9. And if you don’t drink a lot/at all, you can opt out! So, come anyway and have fun! However, AJET will receive the proceeds for anyone who DOES get the nomihoudai. There is food available for purchase as well (we’ll provide a menu later)

Click here to be a part of the show or donate for the auction:
We’ll be giving away door prizes to anyone who gets to the bar before 6:45! Raffle starts at 6:55 So, get in the door, and get your ticket! We have some peanut butter and chips and salsa for the taking!!

———-Schedule ———–
~6:45 Arrive and hangout/get your raffle ticket
6:55 Door Prizes
7:15-8:15 Talent show
8:25 Announce Winner
8:30-9:30 Services auction
9:30 ~ Hangout

What: SDC In-Between Party
Where: Berry Berry 1丁目-20-5 Furukawa, Aomori, Aomori Prefecture 030-0862, Japan Just down the road from where you’re all staying!
When: 6:30 – Whenever
Price: $0 OR 2,500 nominoudai from 7-9

——- Details————–
Please put a little extra cash aside for the nomihoudai, talent show, and Auction! Last year EoA was able to raise over 130,000 yen! Here’s what we need from you:

Talent Show

Entry for participants is 0 yen! Winner receives 10,000 cash prize via crowd votes! This was EXCELLENT last year, let’s make it that way again. Not sure what to do? Here were a few from last year: Script reading, singing, guitar and band, Dance.

Services Auction

100% of the proceeds will be donated to help support EoA.Too shy to be in the talent show? Not sure what to donate? A special skill/ service/ house cleaning/ tour guiding… something that you’ve got that another person would be interested in! Some from the past: Shimokita tour, salsa lessons, ski/snowboard weekend, a 5 min edited movie, illustrated caricatures.

You prepare yourself, we prepare the rest! Go HERE:
If you would like to donate to either one of these!

Fall is looking PRETTY good people, PRETTY good! Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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