SDC Party

Thursday 11/21@ Berry Berry in Aomori, a short walk away from the hotel

Doors OPEN 6:30/ Show STARTS 7:15 –Price FREE /  Arrive by 6:45 for a raffle ticket

Nomihoudai 2,500 yen for 2 hrs (7:00-9:00) and an EoA Services Auction from 8:30-9:30! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  Berry Berry does have a menu with food if you’re lookin’ to eat some grub!

Now for your reading pleasure, here’s the scoop on the SDC’s In-Between Party’s TALENT:


DRAMATIC HOSTING – Michael Diana, Mutsu City and Rachel Henry, Kazamaura

Rachel and Michael will host the show in their drag personas as Tarzan and Jane. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry. Their performance includes everything from singing to dancing to lip syncing to comedy to just plain looking gorgeous. Hilarity and antics ensue.


TAE KWON DO – Hunter Woodley, Shariki-machi

A second-degree black belt, Mr. Hunter Woodley has been studying the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do for seven years under the tutelage of Master Robert McDowell and Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung of Jung’s Tae Kwon Do in Cedar Rapids, IA. Prepare for high flying kicks and plenty of shrapnel as Mr. Woodley demonstrates some Tae Kwon Do techniques.


DANCE – David Flynn & Crystal Rose, Towada City

This Towada tag-team is ready to Ring the Alarm and get Bootylicious up in here. Put your Freakum’ dress on and pull out your inner Diva cuz it’s time to find out who Run the World! David a.k.a. D*1 and Crystal a.k.a. Spiike, are ready to start the Countdown and want all a y’all to get hot, wild and crazy….Crazy in Love that is! So don’t let their dance performance be the Best Thing You Never Had. It’s an experience that will be Irreplaceable…Until the End of Time. Check on It!


SPOKEN WORD – Pat Owens, Hachinohe

Two things are certain: Pat will go on stage. And he will say some words. Now, these words may be written on a piece of paper. Or they may not. When taken together, these words will probably at least attempt to resemble some form of poem, prose or short story. If you’re listening while he is speaking, you can expect to feel some degree of delight or disappointment from these words. Odds are you will applaud at the end of this performance, possibly from joy, sadness, relief or obligation. But, for now, only two things are certain: Pat will go on stage…and he will say some words. After that it gets a little blurry.


KARAOKE STYLE DUET – Aviette Hardy, Tsugaru & Aryn Griffis, Goshogowara

Brought together by the divine powers of karaoke, initiated through a startlingly legitimate performance of “It’s Raining Men,” Aviette and Aryn have developed an affinity for singing to MIDI tracks ever since coming to Japan. Please enjoy their love of karaoke and releasing their inner high-schoolers by listening to their amazing performance!


TAHITIAN DANCE – Tori Sharpe, Hirosaki

Let Tori warm up your cold Aomori days with a little kiss of the tropical islands of Tahiti! She’ll be dancing 3 short pieces for you. Two “0tea” style dances, fast hip-shaking dances about life on the islands with the waves and sun. One “aparima himene,” style dance, with slower movements that tell a story  with the body and hands, the  title will be “Tatau” meaning “tattoo” about the appreciation of the beautiful men of Tahiti.  Don’t forget to give her a little love, by giving the Polynesian “Soo-ii!” during her performance.


ACOUSTIC DUET – Jake Ehrlich, Itayanagi & Kelly Trombley, Hirosaki

Two sweetie pies from the Tsugaru side are joining together to bring some soulful songs right to your doorstep! Or rather, the SDC In-Between Party’s doorstep… Jake Ehrlich enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with Shaheen Sharif. He has done one of those things since the age of 12 and the other since the age of 22. This is his first time performing with Kelly Trombley, and he is confident that her voice will tickle your ears. And if you’re lucky he just might tickle the rest of you.


OPERA – Erica Jenkins, Sannohe

Once a year, Erica brushes off her dusty vocal chords, largely unused since college, and re-memorizes a hefty chunk of unintelligible foreign lyrics, all for your entertainment. When performing for not-entirely-sober audiences, Erica prefers sexy songs and audience participation, so if you don’t like being flirtily touched by beautiful women, don’t sit in the front row.


ACOUSTIC DUET – Brian Hill & Ian Hamilton, Kuroishi City

Fellow ALTs on the Kuroishi scene Ian and Brian work in the same office and often share transportation to some of their more distant schools. Both being lovers of music, this musical combination just naturally occurred. Like spring, or hair growth*.

*In the rare case that hair growth doesn’t naturally occur there are hair follicle implants and sprays.


INTERMISSION ACOUSTIC DUET – Jacqueline Laibinis, Aomori City and Dan Liberatori,

As champions from last year, this year they will not be competing, but WILL be performing during intermission! While the shower is where Jacqueline does most of her singing, she enjoys taking to the mic from time to time in the karaoke ring.  Dan, on the other hand, will play the guitar any time and anywhere. Together they play different kinds of shows and different kinds of places all around Aomori. Dan is a guitar genius, and Jacqueline has a voice that can soothe our souls.

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