About Aomori AJET


So what is AJET? AJETとは?

  • It’s an organization run by volunteers working as ALT’s (Assistant Language Teachers) in the JET program. Our mission is to bring together and strengthen the community of JETs, other foreigners, and Japanese people by providing them with fun and affordable events we can do together. We want everyone to have a good time together and make friends! それはJETプログラムのALT(外国語指導助手)として働く者達の、ボランティアによる運営組織です。 私達の目標は、外国人と日本人の架け橋になる事です。私達は友達を作り、皆さんと楽しい時間を過ごしたいのです!
  • AJET is a Japan-wide organization, set up to act as a support network throughout the country and helps you get more out of your time here.
  • Each prefecture has its own group of people that set up social and cultural events within each prefecture.

What are the benefits of Aomori AJET?

  • We help you settle in by providing a chance to meet up with other JETs in your area and experience some of the different aspects that the prefecture (or ken) has to offer.
  • For Aomori that includes: The Welcome party, skiing, sports activities, inter-ken trips, and international culture fairs; in other words, lots to see and do.
  • Aomori AJET loves to hear your questions and suggestions! We are here to help you connect, so let us know what sounds fun and how we can improve future get-togethers!

What to expect from the BLOG:

  • Detailed Information and updates about upcoming AJET events.
  • Aomori Spotlight – A biweekly interview with a different JET from around various parts of Aomori-ken.
  • Pictures from past events.
  • Information about volunteer opportunities across Japan
  • Information about JET scholarships, education classes, and seminars.

And now, a few words from your AJET Officers:

On behalf of AJET, welcome to Aomori, our gorgeous blue forest. Your new home is a quiet land of apple trees and rice fields, of the Nebuta festival and taiko drums, of the deep Lake Towada and the glacial Mt. Hakkoda. And after you’ve tasted the bountiful cornucopia of local treats – pass the horse meat and the cod sperm! – and seen the sights – Jesus’ real grave and Children’s Hell at Mount Fear – you’ll want to settle down in your new home. That’s where AJET comes in. From planning events like the Welcome Party, snowball fights, andthe Ski Weekend, to helping organize instructive activities like the midyear seminar. AJET strives to make sure you have a chance to see the friendly faces of all your fellow JETs. We are also here if you have any questions about life in Aomori. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to be involved in AJET. 

– Aomori AJET Executive Council

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