Tatami Timeshare

Staying with friends is nothing new, but with AJET Tatami Timeshare (TTS) it gets a lot easier. Established in 1998, the TTS has evolved into a directory of JETs who allow fellow TTS members to stay at their homes for free while traveling all over Japan.

Now, with the power of “CouchSurfing.org”, you’ll be able to have a much better experience. If you haven’t checked out CouchSurfing before, it is a safe way to meet people from around the world, and around your country, by letting them stay at your place for free and visa versa! You’ll never need to accept anyone you don’t fully feel comfortable with, and you get to look at their profiles, personal info, and all that just to make sure!

Please go to the new Tatami Timeshare here!

You’ll need to join CouchSurfing.org to join the group, but the time to do so will be worth it!

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