Re-election and Hanami in Hirosaki

AJET elections have closed and the results are in. Actually, we didn’t need to hold an  election because each position had only one candidate: the AJET officers from last year ran uncontested. Check out our platforms below!

So you get one more year with us. How do you feel about that? Happy? Disappointed? Frothing-at-the-mouth-angry? Whatever your reaction, we’d love to hear it from you directly at the 100th annual Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival!

Hanami in Hirosaki (Facebook Event)

  • Saturday, April 21st, starting at 12:00 noon and ending at 6:00. AJET will be there by 11:30 AM if you want to help with setup and hangout.
  • Hirosaki Park
  • In the field just inside the north gate (亀甲門 : 〒036-8356, Shimoshiroganechō, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-ken 036-8356), same as last year. Coordinates: 40.6116 N, 140.4676 E.
  • G.A.M.E. (Golden Apple Medley Extravaganza) starts at 1:00 PM.
  • AJET will bring tarps, activities, and prizes.
  • Feel free to join in or bring your own pastimes (and maybe a blanket!).
  • AJET will NOT be bringing food, so please BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze/Bento) or buy festival food at the park.


Executive Council Platforms

President: Donalisa Gomez

Surprise surprise~ not only once, but twice I am more shocked than anyone that I’m running for AJET President.
In my first year as president, I’d have to say I am amazingly grateful for having the strength I found in my VP and Treasurer team. They helped to mold some awesome environments for our community to come together and live it up! Their amazing support compensated for when I was lacking. There were times when plans didn’t work out as we thought, or things could have gone better, but we pulled through. If you grant me a second term, I will pick up the pieces of where I fell through as a president, and see to it that our events are best that they can be (we already have a bag a ideas and surprises just waiting to be used for ”next time” *wink wink*) .
Though by nature I am not the most sociable person, I do genuinely love creating events, catered to people of every variety, for the enjoyment of others. I strongly believe that, “if my being a part of something can help not myself but someone else in any way, then I’ll call it a success”. Whether I personally enjoy an event as AJETPresident comes second, while the most rewarding would be if people walk away from and AJET event feeling glad that they came. My hope is that our community has positive experiences that continue to move them through their time on and after JET. I cherish every experience, good and bad, that I’ve had in my two years on JET. Being AJET president helped to provide me with many more treasured memories and experiences then I even thought possible. I’m extremely grateful for that. I only wish to be able to provide such opportunities for others.
Thank you for reading my madness~ I appreciate your time and support! Let me do something for you in return by being your AJET President 😉

Vice President: Joshua Dolphin

Over the past year as AJET Vice President I’ve discovered that expending energy for the sake of the community is a good investment. I’ve learned that the work I put into organizing events yields a sense of belonging–the feeling of being connected to a group of people who want each other to grow and succeed. I’ve come to understand how important this community is to me.

As VP it was my job to contact venues and act as an intermediary between them and AJET. I enjoyed this, and I think I became good at it. Depending on the event, this can involve a very thorough, detailed-oriented style of communication. I consider myself an effective communicator, but I still made some mistakes early on. Now, with a year of experience under my belt, I know what to double check and triple check to ensure we have a great event. Working alongside the President and the Treasurer, I would use my experience to create a fun, inclusive, and supportive community through AJET.

Treasurer: Alex Koury

During the three years I’ve been on the JET program, I have always loved attending the Aomori AJET events. They are some of my most fun memories during my time as an ALT, so it was especially enjoyable and fulfilling for me to help bring them to the community as part of the executive council last year. This year I am once again running for treasurer and hoping to continue doing my part to provide fun events.
Each get together we held last year was a great learning experience for us on the executive council. We saw a lot of things that went really well as well as a few that didn’t work out exactly how we had hoped. If I’m elected as treasurer again this year, I will work to apply everything that I learned to help create more enjoyable experiences for Aomori JETs next year. よろしくお願いします!

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