Welcome to Aomori

Hello and welcome to Aomori!

My name’s Pat Owens and I’m this year’s president of Aomori AJET, working together with Ryan Smith (Vice President) and Amanda Marcroft (Treasurer). I’m sure you’re absolutely confused by all the various acronyms and initialisms JET has to offer, so let me explain quickly and concisely what AJET is:

Aomori AJET is a group of volunteers who are elected by the Aomori JET community to set up events and help develop relationships between the JET community, the Japanese community and the foreign non-JET community. Basically, if Aomori was a high school, we would be the Student Government or Student Council that sets up Aomori Prom.

But we do way cooler things than prom.

Just a few examples of things to look forward to: Hirosaki Castle HanamiThe Murder Mystery Formal, monthly language exchangesThanksgiving and other holiday parties!

We’ll be updating our events on Good Morning Aomori (think of it as the school newspaper), so be sure to subscribe there.

Also, be sure to subscribe to this WordPress and you can stalk us on Facebook well. We aren’t on Twitter because my mother never taught me how to tweet.

I’m truly looking forward to a great year!

Pat Owens
President of Aomori AJET

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