And the winner is…

Before I introduce the winner of the May/June Sakura Photo Contest, I want to give a big thanks to all of our amazing photographers and to everyone that took the time to vote! Many people were impressed with the submissions. ALL photos received votes! 
I am pleased to announce that the winner of our first photo contest is…
Kelsey Ledford – Hanami Hanabi 
Congratulations, Kelsey! Please claim your burgers and dogs at the AJET Luau tomorrow (6/23)!! 
An honorable mention goes to:
Jeff Howick – Walking under the beautiful sakura of Kanagi on a warm spring evening.
Patrick Gorman – Namioka 古城地
Kendal Kelly – Flash of Sakura
Anna M – Sakura Bloom at Hirosaki Castle
Katherine Tatnell – Boats at Hirosaki Castle
Travis Emery – Castle Bloom
Daniel Norris – Untitled
Keep an eye out for the next photo contest in the upcoming months ahead!

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