First of all, a big fat THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the Farewell Luau! We had a great time! Kudos to all you guys who got a great game of Ultimate Frisbee going, it was really fun! Thanks for mixing with everyone and actually playing the “penny on your face” game, hilarious. Thumbs up to Ryan Smith in Aomori for getting a great nijikai up and on the move after the BBQ.  A really really big thank you (and gomen) to everyone who came on time or early! AJET wasn’t prepared for you early birds, so we will be SURE to be at every event at least an hour early in the future! I guess burgers and dogs are just super enticing.  Here are a few pics for your pleasure:

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FAREWELL to all our wonderful JETs who have put in the time and effort to help their communities and their schools! You will leave a mark on their lives forever! We found a hilarious, but true, list of “Things to do after you leave Japan” in the AJET magazine. Read if you want a laugh…

WELCOME to all the incoming JETs! We can’t wait to meet you all! Be on the lookout in August for a JET meetup in Aomori, Hirosaki, and Goshogawara for the BEST SUMMER FESTIVAL: Nebuta, Neputa, and Tachi Nebuta. And the WELCOME BBQ and Cabin Competition in September!

Stay Classy Aomori!

– Tori, Dave, and Jamie

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