Meet the talent! SDC In-between Party

This Thursday @ Berry Berry in Aomori, a short walk away from the hotel, 11/15 

Doors OPEN6:30/ Show STARTS 7:00 –Price FREE 

Nomihoudai 2,000 yen for 2 hrs (7-9) and an EoA Services Auction from 8-9! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 

Now for your reading pleasure, here’s the scoop on the SDC’s In-Between Party’s TALENT:

SONG & GUITAR – Dave Herlich & Michael Warren, Gonnohe

Known for their incredible good looks and witty personalities, here are the Gonnohe boys. Good friends since the day Dave came to town two summers ago, they’ve done nothing but goof around and have a good time in their small town of Gonnohe. They do not normally perform music together like this, so consider this a special treat just for the SDC In-Between Party!







JUGGLING – Travis Haby, Hirosaki

Travis’ wit and humor is enough to set him apart from anyone. As a rusty juggler, Travis will be trying hard to wow us with his ball handling skills:) Once a master juggler during his high school days back in Texas, he’ll now be picking up the balls once again as proof to you all how little he has kept up with it since then.







 SONG & GUITAR– Brian Hill & Ian Hamilton, Kuroishi

A Big B and a Lil B who are kindred spirits out on the West side of Aomori. Recently becoming good friends when Ian moved here this summer, they are ready to rock your socks off with an amazing rendition of “Gone” by Ben Folds.








LIPSYNC– Rachel Henry, Kazamaura & Kyle Helm, Kawauchi

Jet siblings since 2012, Rachel and Kyle share common interests in music and humor, including the naughtier brands of both. As teachers, we all must resist urges to utter words and phrases considered inappropriate or obscene. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just let loose sometime? Rachel and Kyle would like to bring to you an opportunity to enjoy the socially unacceptable with “For Your Ears Only: Songs Inappropriate for Young Audiences”.






INTERMISSION – Josh Friedman & Patrick Gorman, Aomori City and Dan Liberatori, Hiranai

3 rad dudes, known as the “Beesharps” are back this year, and will be playing during intermission for your listening pleasure. They will be singing an array of Simpsons songs just for you! This time they plan to practice at least once, so you can expect them to rock the house this year!

The Beesharps- singing a melody of your favorite Simpsons songs. “Do`h” n`t miss it!






TAHITIAN DANCE – Kimberly Sadovich and Tori Sharpe, Hirosaki

Two peas in a pod, these two hit it off last year like nobody’s business. They both thought they’d try something new and completely out of their scope of hobbies, and found a little gem in Hiro: Tahitian Dance. They will have been dancing for one whole year come next month. Let ’em warm up your cold Aomori days with a little kiss of the tropical islands of Tahiti! They invite you to give ’em a little love, by giving the Tahitian “Soo-oo!” during their performance.







OPERA – Erica Jenkins, Sannohe

With pipes to blow anyone’s mind,  a college general education course (history of opera) was the impetus for Erica to really start singing in earnest. She found an awesome vocal coach, with whom she studied opera, Broadway, and some jazz, and to whom she owes any talent she may have. Get ready to let your ears party!







COMEDY – Adam Kennedy, Hachinohe

Adam Kennedy is a 24 year old up-and-coming screenwriter. A Talent Show veteran, this year he brings us the first few pages of “Committed”, a TV pilot he has written based off Ned Vizzini’s best-selling “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” and the movie of the same name starring Zach Galifianakis, Viola Davis, and Emma Roberts amongst others! The pilot and series revolves around Craig, a suicidal teen who accidentally checks himself into a long-term care facility for adults only to learn that mistakes have a funny way of leading us exactly where we need to go.






SONG & GUITAR – Jacqueline Laibinis, Aomori City and Dan Liberatori, Hiranai

While the shower is where Jacqueline does most of her singing, she enjoys taking to the mic from time to time in the karaoke ring.  Dan, on the other hand, will play the guitar any time and anywhere. Together they play different kinds of shows and different kinds of places all around Aomori. Dan is a guitar genius, and Jacqueline has a voice that can soothe our souls.

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  1. props to the one who wrote this line-up 🙂 the descriptions are cute. must’ve taken some time to get pics and info together? 🙂 nice job.

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