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Aomori AJET Drag Show Guidelines

Aomori AJET Drag Show Guidelines

What is it? The Drag show is a lip sync-style contest where males should dress as females, and females should dress as males. Rules and Guidelines Feel free to be as conservative or as outrageous as you feel comfortable (just don’t be so outrageous that it becomes inappropriate). Please use good common sense about this. … Continue reading

AJET Holiday Parties

Hey guys! So, as you know, there are two AJET holiday parties happening on December 15th! One on the Tsugaru side in Hirosaki, and one on the Nanbu side in Towada. We know that some of you are a little sad they’re on the same day, and are wondering why there are two parties in … Continue reading

Welcome Party! パーティを開きます!

RSVP NOW! CLICK HERE! It’s time for AJET’s yearly welcome party for new JETs in Aomori Prefecture! This is for new JETs, sempai JETs, JET main squeezes, and friends! Please put this date on your calendars, and all the set information will be coming soon! And we’ve scheduled it right after everyone gets their 2nd … Continue reading

Farewell BBQ – Luau Style 6/23

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Share these flyers with your friends, or on Facebook! —————————————————- Hey guys! You have until Friday 6/8 to reply on Facebook about whether or not you want to pay for some noms. Also, if you need to CANCEL your order, please let us know on Facebook so we can take you off … Continue reading