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Farewell Luau 6/22

Farewell Luau 6/22

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Aloha Luau BBQ! Relax and have fun! Come and wish those who are leaving a farewell… Saturday June 22, 11-4 PM (Come for all or part of the BBQ) Bring your own food, or pay 500 yen for burgers and hot dogs bought from Misawa base. We will also have some message … Continue reading


First of all, a big fat THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the Farewell Luau! We had a great time! Kudos to all you guys who got a great game of Ultimate Frisbee going, it was really fun! Thanks for mixing with everyone and actually playing the “penny on your face” game, hilarious. … Continue reading

Farewell BBQ – Luau Style 6/23

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Share these flyers with your friends, or on Facebook! —————————————————- Hey guys! You have until Friday 6/8 to reply on Facebook about whether or not you want to pay for some noms. Also, if you need to CANCEL your order, please let us know on Facebook so we can take you off … Continue reading