FAQ and need to know

ATTENTION ALL GUESTS: I hope you are STOKED about the event tomorrow! A few things that you need to know before arriving, and answers to our most asked qustions:1) Pay at the door up arrival and before you enter into the hall.

2) Check-in is from 6:10-6:40 and we’ll start promptly at 6:45. If you arrive before 6:30 you’ll get a slip of paper, please write your name on this paper and slip it into the raffle jug.

3) No additional guests will be accepted at the door. If they did not RSVP, we regret to say they cannot participate in the Murder Mystery night, however they CAN meet up with us after we finish.


Will there be a coat check? Yes

Will there be somewhere to buy drinks?
Yes, there will be a cash bar available. Please keep in mind that the workers at the cash bar have not really done a cash bar before (as it’s unusual in Japan). Please be patient with them and with your orders when you order.

How does the night work?
You can get into your character as much as you’d like. From your name, to your accent, all the way down to your clothing choice. Just be sure to provide the required information in your answers that you’ve been sent. When the Casino Director says, “Please help us.” It’s your cue to start asking all the guests the right questions. For example, “What do you do?” “Do you come here often?” “Do you know so and so?” Etc. If you would like to bring a pen and paper with you you are more than welcome to, or use your phones as a notepad. from 8:45-9:00 you can submit your final guess to who the murder is (To the Casino Director, the GM, or the Security Guard). There will be hints given throughout the evening, and you can sit at tables and talk to those around you. ONE winner will be chosen by correct answer submissions. In order to give everyone an equal opportunity to win, we will take all the correct submitted answers, and draw one name from the pile. We will tell the story of what happened, an and the winner will receive a 3,500 yen cash prize along with some goodies! Those who correctly complete their secondary missions (if they have one) will also receive a small prize.

I’m shy, is this going to be fun for me?
Absolutely. You can get INTO your character as much as you’d like. And, if you feel more comfortable, you are more than welcome to work in pairs with whoever you came with. The backstory of the character is up to you, and as long as it stays consistent, and you give out the required information it’s fine!

Will there be a second party?
Yes, we will announce where it will be at the end of the evening.

Can’t WAIT to see you all tomorrow!!

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