AJET Elections Appointed Positions

We’ve had a lot of questions like, “I want to help with AJET, but I don’t want to run for Pres, VP, or Treasurer. So, what can I do to help?” I have included here a description of the positions we are looking to fill in order to help connect JETs around Aomori prefecture. If you are at all interested in fulfilling one of them, please email us at aomoriajet@gmail.com! Don’t let the descriptions scare you too much. We understand you are volunteering your time, and we just wanted to be as detailed as possible to help you understand more about each appointed position. Please feel free to email us for more information! 

Elections: Appointed Positions for 2013

These are positions that are appointed by the executive council. They are not included in the formal elections, but rather, are decided upon by the Aomori AJET executive council. People in appointed positions work behind the scenes to help AJET run smoothly and efficiently, and are essential in including the entire Aomori JET community. These are dependent upon the individual(s) who would like to help contribute to AJET with their very specific skills set. Currently, we are looking to get all these positions filled.

ONLINE PUBLICATIONS EDITOR (Awesome opportunity for someone who enjoys journalism)

Aomori AJET’s communication with JETs is a central part of how we maintain our community. Our monthly AJET Aomori Spotlight and Good Morning Aomori reaches current JETs to provide them with a way to contribute their skills via writing, drawing, photos, and more. Editing and coordinating these contributions is a task requiring creative drive, and the desire to put forth a dynamic publication each month. With your help, Aomori AJET has the potential to impact the Aomori audience and give JETs a valuable forum and outlet for what’s on their mind. (We have not been able to provide many of these publications this year due to the small interest we had in this position. However, if you have journalism background, or if this sounds appealing to you, PLEASE get a hold of us!)


  • Manage submissions for Good Morning Aomori (a collection of JET articles, poetry, short stories, etc)
  • Actively seek new contributors for Good Morning Aomori
  • Manage and decide AJET’s publication schedule.
  • Biweekly interview with a JET in the prefecture to be highlighted for Aomori Spotlight
  • Post all Good Morning Aomori and Aomori Spotlight articles to the WordPress Blog and the FB page

TRANSLATION COORDINATOR (Great chance to practice translating a little)

Aomori AJET’s public image depends on our ability to provide timely information in both English and Japanese. As such, we rely on JETs who can manage, support, and oversee a variety of short translation projects throughout the year. If you are looking for a professional challenge, or want to gain experience in the field of interpreting/translation, this is perfect for you.


  • Translate all flyers, website event information etc for AJET in order to ensure the promotion of AJET events.
  • Communicate important information to Japanese speakers.

CONTEST CREATOR (Good opportunity for creative juices)

One way we try to get people involved and offer an outlet to JETs in the ken, is to provide them with a way to show off their hobbies and talent. Each month we offer a contest that any JET or JET friend can enter for a chance to win a prize. It is up to the Contest Creator whether to have a photo contest, haiku contest, or anything else creative they would like to come up with!


  • Create a monthly contest
  • Manage submissions for Monthly contests
  • Actively seek new contributors for the contest.
  • Post the contest on the WordPress Blog and the FB page

WEBSITE COORDINATOR (Wonderful for someone who enjoys updating/maintaining web pages OR if you want to learn WordPress)

Without a website and other online resources, AJET wouldn’t be able to function in the capacity it does. As the Website Coordinator, you’ll be the glue that holds this online infrastructure together. (currently this position is being done by the Aomori AJET president)


  • Work closely with the executive council to keep up the website and its pages, and the overall feel of the blog page.
  • Collect resources for JETs about monthly events happening in the ken and post them to the webpage.
  • Update all blog page sections, including but not limited to: Upcoming event calendar, pictures, and Aomorian Blogs.

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