2013-2014 Aomori AJET Elections

Thank you for making the 2012-2013 Aomori AJET year so amazing so far! Please enjoy this picture of Saturday night’s Masquerade

Aomori AJET and the Drag Show participants (T-B, L-R: Jamie Iwashita, Richard Denham, Michael Diana, Kyle Helm, Kyle Sharpe, Dave Herlich, Tori Sharpe, Sahrish Chaudhary, Rachel Henry)

Aomori AJET and the Drag Show participants (T-B, L-R: Jamie Iwashita, Richard Denham, Michael Diana, Kyle Helm, Kyle Sharpe, Dave Herlich, Tori Sharpe, Sahrish Chaudhary, Rachel Henry)

The time has come to elect a group of AJET officers for the 2013-2014 JET year! Yay! Each position is open every year to ensure that each JET has an opportunity to serve on the AJET executive council if they wish to do so! Applicants should be current JETs who are reliable, have excellent time management skills, and are re-contracting for the 2013-2014 JET year. This also includes current Aomori AJET executive council members. Those wishing to run for an elected position should contact the current holder of your desired position to find out more about what the position entails, and submit a platform to aomoriajet@gmail.com. If you would like to run for one of the three elected positions (president, vice-president, or treasurer) please send an email to aomoriajet@gmail.com. Include your name, the position you are running for, and your one paragraph platform on why you should be elected for the position. Descriptions of each position are attached to this email.  

  • All submissions must be received by Monday, February 25 by 11:59PM.
  • Voting will be held Thursday on February 28th to Sunday, March 3rd 11:59PM.


  •  JETs who have re-contracted for the 2013-2014 year will be able to vote, which will be monitored by the PAs to maintain authenticity.
  • You NEED YOUR JET NUMBER to vote. This is the number you used to re-contract and to sign up for the CLAIR Japanese courses.  If you don’t remember your number, please email the PAs.
  • You may only run for one position.
  •  You may only run for a position if you are re-contracting for another year.
  •   One term in office is equal to one full year from the start date of your appointment to Aomori AJET.
  • You may vote for yourself.
  • Only JETs may hold a position.
  •  Your only platform for self-promotion should be the email you send to aomoriajet@gmail.com, which will be put online for everyone to read on February 28th and March 3rd.


Aomori AJET also has other appointed positions for those who are interested in volunteering their time to be a part of the Aomori AJET team! If you have an expertise in, or just really enjoy photography, website management, graphic design, website/PR translation, or journalism and would like to serve the JETs of Aomori, please contact Tori Sharpe at tatatatori@gmail.com to talk about appointed positions! AJET would love to include you on the team.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Elected Position Descriptions

PRESIDENT – Contact: Tori Sharpe, tatatatori@gmail.com

The president acts as the chief representative voice of AJET to the media and other organizations. The president sets AJET’s agenda for the year and works with the council to make sure AJET’s goals are being accomplished, and that everything AJET does is in line with this agenda.

Core duties:

  • Chief representative of AJET.
  • Create the time schedule for each AJET event
  • Coordinate the roles of the executive council and volunteers at AJET events.
  • Direct the public communication and publicity of AJET affairs.
  • Maintaining, updating, and promoting the blog and Facebook page, when a website coordinator is not appointed.
  • Responsible for all activities of AJET and its financial well-being.
  • Give speeches on AJET at various events including Aomori Orientation and SDC
  • Creating and sending RSVP information for all Aomori AJET events
  • Prepare agendas and organize the minutes for meetings.
  • Lead all AJET meetings.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with leadership, as well as interpersonal and team leading skills.
  • Japanese skills are helpful, but in no way required.
  • Must have excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent writing ability is preferred and the time to reply to a high volume of email per day.

VICE PRESIDENT – Contact: Dave Herlich, dave.herlich@gmail.com

The Vice-President works with the President and Treasurer to ensure an efficient Executive body. Duties include booking places for various AJET annual events, lead meetings when the President is not present, preparing agendas and organizing the minutes for meetings

Core duties:

  • Share the duties and responsibilities of the President
  • Primarily responsible for bookings and payments for each event space.
  • Be responsible for recording the minutes of the meetings
  • Have various other duties and responsibilities as determined by the executive council
  • Give speeches on AJET at various events including Aomori Orientation and SDC
  • Keep a record of AJET activities.

Preferred Skills:

  • Good personal skills and experienced leadership.
  • Good time-management and organizational skills
  • Japanese language ability is preferable.

TREASURER – Contact: Jamie Iwashita, jamie.iwashita@gmail.com  

The Aomori AJET Treasurer works with the President and Vice President to administer and supervise the AJET budget, including all financial transactions. The treasurer also plays a supervisory role in matters pertaining to the function and productivity of the council.

Core Duties

  • General bookkeeping for all Aomori AJET projects, events and conferences.
  • Cash collecting and accounting for all Aomori AJET events
  • Tallying and follow-up with RSVP lists for all Aomori AJET events
  • Contacting RSVP lists before events with information about payments
  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas and building for the future of Aomori AJET

Preferred Skills

  • Previous experience with accounting/bookkeeping.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Google docs
  • Detail oriented and ability to multi-task.

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