Aomori AJET Drag Show Guidelines

In the place of a dark lord, you will have a QUEEN!

In the place of a Dark Lord, you will have a QUEEN!

What is it?

The Drag show is a lip sync-style contest where males should dress as females, and females should dress as males.

Rules and Guidelines

Feel free to be as conservative or as outrageous as you feel comfortable (just don’t be so outrageous that it becomes inappropriate). Please use good common sense about this. If you have any concerns about your act, please contact Tori at

  • Acts are lip-sync style, with dancing/choreography
  • Acts can be an individual or a group consisting of no more than 6 people
  • Main performer(s) must be in drag (non-drag “backup singers” are permitted)
  • Acts should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • No strong profanity or lewd references. Basically, copy the version you might hear on the radio (perhaps off of an mp3 player, to retain sound quality). Keep it fun and light hearted, not shocking and dirty.
  • Acts will be judged in two categories: Costume/realism and crowd response
  • Tips (each table will be given fake Yenjamins) will be collected on stage as the indicator of the crowd-response.  After tips are received on stage, they will be collected backstage and counted.
  • Winners of each category will receive individual prizes (gift-certificates, etc.)

Tricks of the Trade

For everyone:

  • Check 2nd hand stores or with friends your clothing needs
  • All drag performers choose stage names. You don’t need to have one, but a clever (yet tasteful) name can increase audience response. Please refrain from using names of genitalia, sexual acts, or any other crude terms in your stage name.
  • is a great online store, in English to find what you need.
  • Daiso is a great place for false lashes, bright make-up and even clothing items!

For females:

  • A 12 o’clock shadow can be created with dark eyeshadow, liberally applied on the cheeks and chin
  • Mustaches, goatees, sideburns, and thickened eyebrows can be drawn in with mascara or lip liner
  • Fake facial hair and glue can be purchased at dollar stores and Homac.
  • Short wigs might be found at costume stores. Incorporating a hat into your outfit may be the easiest way to hide long hair
  • To create a flatter chest, use any comfortable combination of the following: sports bra, ace bandages, duct tape, waist trimmer, baggy shirts
  • To walk like a man, take larger strides, keep your feet farther apart, and slouch more than usual

For males:

  • Shave your face. Please. Clean-shaven legs are a plus, but tights or dark pantyhose will usually cover up the growth
  • Drag makeup is not street makeup. It is usually very bright and thick. Think RuPaul. Big eyelashes, big lips, high cheekbones.
  • Wigs of all sorts can be found in many Daiso stores
  • Borrow or buy whatever type of bra you think works with your outfit. Pushup bras should help attain a “well-endowed” look. The cheapest way to fill it is a carefully packed pair of socks. Please refrain from using water balloons; we don¹t need performers leaking on stage!

Let’s have a GREAT TIME!!

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