FREE online Technology in the Classroom course

A message from Edo Forsythe, professor at Hirosaki Gakuin.

Hey Hirosaki friends (and those who dwell in other locations). Here is an opportunity to learn something new about using technology in the language classroom. If you’re interested in participating in one of these FREE online courses, please follow the registration guidelines below. There are several interesting courses being offered in various topic areas. Please check out the available courses at the link below. Thanks and have a great week.

Dear Educators,

The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOL professional association is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2013 sessions.

This project is a virtual extension of the TESOL 2013 Convention in Dallas in which educators around the globe will have the chance to enhance their professional development, network, collaborate, share and learn with like-minded professionals in wonderful online sessions that were carefully designed by our moderators.

You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in a FREE, five-week, online session of the EVO, January 14 – February 17, 2013.

Please visit our Announcement Web page to select one among the various session offerings.

Registrations start on January 7th, 2013.

If you want to be reminded of the EVO registration period and the latest news, join our mailing list.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in a session in the Electronic Village Online!

Yours in TESOL,
Carla Arena
On behalf of the EVO Coordination Team

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