AJET Holiday Parties

Hey guys! So, as you know, there are two AJET holiday parties happening on December 15th! One on the Tsugaru side in Hirosaki, and one on the Nanbu side in Towada. We know that some of you are a little sad they’re on the same day, and are wondering why there are two parties in the first place. Let us explain… we wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to make it to a holiday party, and we realize that with the snow piling up, that it can be difficult for people to make it to the other side of the ken. SO… we thought we’d make it as easy as possible to get together at an AJET party with fellow JETs, without potential bodily injury on the way. OF COURSE, this does NOT mean you need to attend the one that is on ‘your side’ of the ken. If you would like to make the trek out to the opposite side, by all means, PLEASE DO!! We just ask that you make sure your RSVP on Facebook is what you’re really going to do. We have lots of things planned and need to make sure this is accurate. The “maybes” will be counted as “no’s” More information is here…

Tsugaru Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – https://www.facebook.com/events/247150915411647/

This is not just for Christmas enthusiasts. YES there will be Christmas carols (mostly about Santa and Trees), and YES you will be wearing ugly Christmas/Holiday sweaters. But it’s just the theme, we obviously welcome EVERY and ALL people/games/songs! *Hot Buttered Rum* and *Non-alcoholic Hot Apple Cider* *White Elephant Gift Exchange* *A Christmas Story playing on the big screen* *PRIZES* For 2 categories in this case: 1. Authentic sweater category 2. Nice Try category (Includes handmade & best Christmas outfit)

Nanbu Holiday Fiesta – https://www.facebook.com/events/117126621784579/

Just when you thought you were safe. Just when you thought there would be time to relax. Once again, its on. Come out and kick it with your Nanbu pals at the premier holiday event of the season. Prizes will be given out for the Ugliest Sweaters, the best dreidle spinning, and anyone who can tell us what the hell Kwanzaa is. Also, there will be an airing of grievances and feats of strength.

Now, please enjoy this hilarious Christmas portrait of Mrs. Sharpe’s Nephews:


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