Gearing Up For Winter

With winter slowly sneakin’ up on Aomori, it’s time to start thinking about options for play time. If you have an offer you want to share about in your area, please email AJET, and we’ll get it up on this page. Anything goes! It just needs to be some winter options for people during the cold snowy season! Thanks in advance for your help!

Season Pass at Ajigasawa(Nanbu side)
PRINT THIS FORM Fill it out, get your picture, get your money, and give it to Tori Sharpe before 10/22.

A note from TORI: Winter might seem a little far away, but really, it’s only a few months around the corner! I am putting together a group season pass at Naqua Shirakami located in Ajigasawa (West side). Here’s their website if you wanna check out the place. They have an amazing onsen located in the hotel! With a group discount, this pass is only 34200 yen and goes from December to April 1st, and they also have nightboarding. The drive is super easy, and Kyle and I go every single weekend plus a few weeknights as well.

In order to get in on the group rate, I’ll need to physically take everyone’s forms, money, and PICTURES in by 10/31, so I am asking that everyone have it ready to go and handed to me by 10/20. I know a lot of people last year who missed out on this awesome deal, so if you think you might like it, I would recommend getting one.Chateau Sharpe is open every weekend, and takes new costumers any time:) We have extra gear (board, bindings, boots, clothes) and you can find used and good priced stuff at second hand stores around the ken (Although, the one in Hirosaki has some of the best and cheapest stuff we’ve seen) We’re willing to teach anyone (Kyle was an actual instructor), and offer our guest room (with a bed) for the price of a large Coke Zero paid directly to Mr. Sharpe.

PASS PERKS (with the pass): 10 coffee tickets at the Mounatin Cafe (other drinks can be subbed), 2 discounted resort stays (prices listed for 2 people: 3,000 yen for weekdays and holidays, 5,000 yen for the night before a holiday), 10% off 1-Day School or Standard Lesson, 25% off rental gear, Day visit of hotel onsen 50% (between 12-4)

1. Fill it out
2. Prepare money
3. Get your picture taken 4.5cm x 3.5cm at any of those little booths. *NO sunglasses
4. Get your stuff to Tori in an envelope

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Get stoked!

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