Welcome Party – last min deets

First off, I dunno if you know this, but ‘deet’ in Vietnamese means fart… Today you learned.

Anyway, here are some last minute, but very important deets about the Welcome Party happening TOMORROW!!!
  1. DIRECTIONS: A note from Dave (also available on FB): Upon closer inspection of the map, i realized that it was essentially useless so i think the best thing to do would be to write some directions. MAP TO THE ENTRANCE or type this in your Map App on your phone: 七戸町役場 公園・観光施設関係東八甲田家族旅行村 ”Upon entering the park. You will drive up a slight incline. To your right you will see a metal arch with the words rose country written on it. Here, take a Sharpe left and proceed up the hill. You will follow this road all the way to the camp site. On your left you should see a play ground and what appears to be a dilapidated roller coaster. Continue past this until you reach a parking area. You should see a domed area slightly up the hill.” Please arrive between 4-6. and plan to leave Sunday before 11:00 Cabins are first come, first serve, and just shack up with whatever looks open:) Get ready to cuddle!
  2. PAYING FOR THE EVENT: Please be ready to pay for everyone in your car as soon as you arrive. Jamie has decided to lay the hammer down, and will be collecting money from your car as soon as you drive up to the camping area. She’ll have her little umbrella, table, chair, sippin’ on a glass of lemon-aid, ready to collect your money. To make it easy on everyone, try to get exact change, and give all your money to the driver, so all you need to do is give her your names and your cash.
  3. 50/50 RAFFLE: How it works: People purchase raffle tickets for a low price, 100 yen a ticket and for each ticket you purchase,you receive a ticket stub. The corresponding ticket is placed into a container from which the winning number will be drawn. When the winning number is drawn, the winner receives half the cash collected from the sale of tickets. The organization, AJET, receives the other half. It’s a WIN WIN! AJET is not for profit, but we do need funds to cushion initial spending costs, in order to setup future events. Also, the more people we have enter the raffle, the more money you could potentially win! Either Jamie, Dave or Tori will be walking around with the tin, so you can buy as many tix as you want! THANK YOU in advance for your willingness to support AJET! 
  4. E of A: They’ll be selling drinks in order to help raise money to get buses for the kids in Nepal. Contact them for more info. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Scavenger Hunt which is designed for you JETs to discover cool places around the ken, prove your adventures through pictures, and win a fun little prize at the end:) DO EET!
  5. Friendly Reminder: Please respect those around you by not being completely obnoxious near the cabins. We are all full grown adults. Again, keep the crazies near the dome and away from the cabins at night. Only go there if you plan to either sleep, or have a low key sleepover. If you decide you are trying to make enemies by playing pranks on cabins and ruining peoples’ date with the Sandman, Tori will find you, and possibly hurt you.
  • Jacket/sweatshirt
  • Sleeping stuff
  • Flashlight
  • Bug spray,
  • Guitar (for a jam sesh),
  • Booze and drinks
  • Extra food
  • Skrilla for raffles and Jell-O shots
  • Your game face
We’re STOKED!!
Tori     090-8610-8674
Dave   080-2811-8988

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