September Events in Aomori

Wow, I really hope it starts to cool down soon.  There are a bunch of fall festivals happening in just a few weeks, but it doesn’t feel anything like fall yet. Anyway, lots of cool things are happening in September like air shows, festivals, parades, and cabin parties.

First Weekend
2012 International Festival in Itayanagi
What: A festival of JET participants showcasing their countries and culture.
Why: You’ll find food, games, and performances representing 5 different countries.
Where: Itayanagi Tamokuteki Hall Apuru (Itayanagi-machi, Oo-aza, Hainuma-aza, Iwai 61)
When: Saturday, September 1st from 10 am to 3 pm.
Cost: Free
Websites: NA. For more information call the Itayanagi Town Office at 0172-73-2111 or mail them at
Second Weekend
Misawa Air Festival (三沢基地航空祭)
What: Once a year, the base opens its gates to everyone and puts on an air show.
Why: Taco Bell and Cinnabon and smoked turkey legs! Oh, and also some sweet aerial acrobatics and people wearing parachutes.
Where: The combined American/Japanese military base in Misawa
When: Gates open at 7:00 on September 9th, events are scheduled from 8:30 to 3:30
Cost: Free
Websites: Official:

Sanohe Fall Festival (さんのへ秋まつり)
What: Three days of parades, festival stalls, and fun
Why: The floats look really colorful and there will be some yosakoi on Saturday
Where: 039-0135 Kawamorita, Sannohe-machi, Aomori – Doshinchou
When: Friday September 7th thru Sunday September 9th, floats are on Friday and Sunday, there will be bands and dancing on Saturday
Cost: Free
Websites: Small write up from the town website(Japanese): 
Towada Fall Festival (十和田市秋まつり)
What: A festival celebrating fall!
Why: Floats, drums, dancing, portable shrines. You know, the usual.
Where: Around Towada city (三本木大通り(旧国道4号)・十和田市官庁街通り)
When: September 7th 8th and 9th
Cost: Free

Third Weekend
Aomori 10 City Exhibition (あおもり10市大祭典)
What: A celebration of many of Aomori’s most famous festivals.
Why: Get more bang for your buck and experience 10 festivals crammed into one! Parades, lion dances, Nebuta floats, takoyaki; it will all be there.
Where: Shin Aomori Station (新青森駅東口特設会場)
When: Saturday and Sunday September 15th and 16th
Cost: Free, you’ll probably have to pay for parking (or a train ticket)
Websites: Official (Japanese): 
Fourth Weekend
AJET Welcome Party / Scavenger Hunt
What: A scavenger hunt around Aomori followed by a party, BBQ, and Sleepover with games and a cabin competition.
Why: Get to know Aomori and the other JETs who live here better. Everyone is welcome.
Where: Shichinohe Family Campround
When: The welcome party is Saturday September 22nd thru Sunday the 23rd You must arrive at the campground no later than 6:00 pm. The scavenger hunt happens earlier in the day.
Cost: About 3,500 yen for a cabin, food and fun.
Websites: Party FAQ: RSVP by Friday 9/7 here:
There doesn’t seem to be much happening the fifth weekend, but hopefully we’ll be getting some beautiful fall foliage and cooler weather around this time. Which means it will be the perfect opportunity to go hiking and snap some beautiful pictures. Let me know if there’s something cool going on in your area and have a great September!

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