Welcome Party FAQ

Hey guys!  We’ve had some questions about the Welcome Party happening on September 22/23 at the Schichinohe cabins. The due date to RSVP is next week. So, I am going to clear up the common Q’s about the best party ever, and will be adding to this list if we get some more.

What kind of “FOOD” is provided?
We’re getting 100% beef burgers,  random meat burgers, hotdogs (which is like a mix of everything), veggie burgers, and the fixins. So if you want the veggie ones, please make sure you include this and DON’T take veggie ones if you don’t mark veggie. We’ll also be getting some chips and snacky things to munch on, but these might go quick. Of course, you can always bring your own food for your 4th meal and cook it on our grill.
Do we need to bring our own drinks?
YES! BYOB. Everyone has different taste in drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. E of A will be selling non-alcoholic drinks at the event as well to help raise money to get busses for the kiddos! Talk to them for details. AJET will also be cookin’ up Jell-O shots if you’re into that sorta thing (we totally are). And we will be TAKING DONATIONS for these goodies.Do we need to bring sleeping stuff?
YES! There are tons of spaces to sleep in these cabins, but by the looks of it, some of us will indeed be sleeping on hard surfaces, so bring a futon, your pillow, and your stuffed Koala Bartholomew.

Can I invite my Japanese friends?
ABSOLUTELY. Is it ever a party without Japanese folk? Please make sure they understand about the RSVP deadline.
What is this competition I am hearing about?
Basically, you all pick the people who are sleeping in your cabin. Each cabin will be a team. AJET has a bunch of games lined up where cabins will compete against other cabins in a battle of AWESOME. For example, we will be doing some dizzy bat relays, 3 legged races, tug-of war possibly, and things of that nature. Some games will include everyone in your group, and some will require you to choose your best person for the activity (there are also puzzles to be solved). A judge will be keeping a tally of points, and at the end, the winning team will walk home with a FABULOUS PRIZE, but more importantly, GLORYYYY!!!
Do we have to get there by 6:00 PM?
YES. There is no other option.

What if I need to cancel?
There will be a 500 YEN CANCELLATION FEE after 9/7. Not because we’re mean, but once you say you’re going, we’ll be buying food for you at the event, and there’s no way to take it back after we get it. And since people will be paying once they arrive, it’ll be up to you to keep your word, and pay your fee:) Also, if you don’t RSVP and decide later you want to go, WE WANT YOU TO GO!! So, send AJET an email and let us know what you’re thinking.

Do you have a better map?
Not at the moment, but we WILL have better directions about a week before the event!

What would be the best course of action if I rsvp and then a few of my friends (nonJETs) wanna come?
You can RSVP for them, including their food preference, or have them RSVP.
How many people in a cabin?
8 or 10 person cabins, but there is far more room than that. In years past we have had about 12 in an 8 person cabin and they were fine, since everyone sleeps on futons anyway. This year, we will be needing to pack some of the cabins full. So get read to get cozy!
Do we have to make teams before we get into the cabins? 
Absolutely not. We are having a “cabin competition” but really, depending on the number and what people want, we might divvy up teams once we get there. The main thing is, that we have a friendly competition between teams! Plus, it’s more realistic that you might end up with some people you don’t know that well in your cabin:)
Can’t wait to SEE YOU GUYS!!!!!
TORI 090-8610-8674
DAVE 080-2811-8988
JAMIE 080-3195-7808

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