Sakura Photo Contest VOTING!

Voting is now open for the “Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)” photo contest! Please view the amazing photos and cast your vote for the most deserving photo. One lucky winner will win BURGERS AND DOGS at the AJET Luau.

Only one vote per person. The deadline for voting is Thursday, June 21st with the winner announced on the blog Friday, June 22nd. 

We have so many talented photographers in Aomori! Check out their submissions and see for yourself:


1. Namioka 古城地

2. Flash of Sakura

3. Hanami Hanabi


4. Sakura Bloom at Hirosaki Castle


5. Boats at Hirosaki Castle


6. Castle Bloom

7. Untitled


8. Walking under the beautiful sakura of Kanagi on a warm spring evening.


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