June Events

June Events

June is full of excitement from rituals to protect the rice from bugs to a celebration of America. There is really a lot happening this month so have a lot of fun and don’t forget Father’s Day on the 17th!


First Weekend

American Day (アメリカンデー)

What: An event in Misawa celebrating international exchange and the world’s biggest super-power.

Why: There will be American food, a motorcycle parade, a hot dog eating contest, a fitness contest, an America Vs. Japan basketball game and much more.

When: Sunday June 3rd The parade starts at 10:00 and events run until 4:00

Where: All over Misawa City

Cost: Free

Websites: Air Base site: http://www.misawa.af.mil/library/americanday2012.asp

Sports flyer: http://www.misawa.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120523-043.jpg

Tourism site(Japanese): http://www.misawasi.com/modules/information/index.php?lid=128


Second Weekend

Auichi’s Bug Sending Festival (相内の虫送り)

What: A festival to protect the rice from bugs.

Why: There will be a parade and a fake sword dance(fight?) and it’s near lake jusan.

When: Saturday June 9th

Where: 青森県五所川原市相内

Cost: Free

Websites: Details: http://www.aptinet.jp/Detail_display_00002570.html



Third Weekend

Tsugaru-ben Stage Show and Contest (津軽弁大会)

What: A stage show where foreigners perform while speaking the local Tsugaru dialect.

Why: All entrants will receive a prize! Come show off or watch your fellow language learners sing, dance, and speak Tsugaru-ben. There will be a party afterwards, but you must register for it.

When: Saturday June 16th, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: Tsurata Town Hall (鶴田町役場)

Cost: Free

Websites: Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/events/162789547176001/


Bug and Fire Festival (虫と火まつり)

What: A festival and parade to send away the bugs and hope for a good rice harvest.

Why: There will be a parade with dancing and people carrying torches twice the size of humans and in the evening there will be a bonfire/bug removal ritual.

When: Saturday June 16th

Where: The parade will be through downtown Goshogawara and the ritual will be in the dry riverbed.

Cost: Free

Websites: Official(Japanese): http://goshojc.sakura.ne.jp/2012_mushi/index.html


Fourth Weekend

AJET Farewell BBQ

What: Barbeque and Hawaiian Luau Party

Why: Say goodbye to our friends who will be leaving Aomori soon, do the limbo or some other fun games, and eat American burgers and dogs (if you order before June 8th). Open to everyone.

When: Saturday June 23rd

Where: Towada Chuo Park (十和田中央公園)

Cost: Free (500 yen to order hotdogs/hamburgers)

Websites: Official: https://aomoriajet.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/farewell-bbq-luau-style-623/

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/events/102434109896668/


The 15th Annual Hirosaki Yosakoi Parade (第15回 YOSAKOIさんさ)

What: Like, crazy awesome dancing.

Why: Colorful costumes, amazing dancing, and beautiful people.

When: Sunday June 24th (Schedule: http://www.odori.or.jp/yosakoi/pdf/schedule.pdf)

Where: Various stages and streets around Hirosaki

Cost: Free

Websites: Official(Japanese): http://www.odori.or.jp/yosakoi/

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