5/4 Sakura Matsuri Pictures!

A big and warm THANK YOU to everyone who took the trek over to Hirosaki last Friday despite the rain! We had such a great time! I know the blossoms were nothing like you had hoped, but luckily everyone was so positive and fun-loving that we all had a chance to laugh together! We had some great catch-phrase craziness thanks to Joseph startin’ that train! And honestly, we were able to feel the love as soon as we got there! It was raining super hard and there was NO covered area left at all, but one of the Hanami goers (Yusuke) offered our group a spot on his giant tarp, and we were safe from the rain! What a kind thing to do. Anyway, please enjoy a few pictures from the event…

See you at our next event, “Farewell Party” Saturday June 23rd!

– Your AJET Executive Council

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