May Aomori Spotlight with Murray

Hey there, JETs of Aomori! Say hello to this week’s featured JET, Murray Fea!

Pictured here, looking magical.

First of all, where are you currently living in Aomori? Is there anything that makes your area particularly unique?

Hachinohe-shi, where I have been since 2011.  It hardly snows here compared to much of the rest of the ken, so winter is much less work! I would definitely recommend not digging snow all day to other JETs.

So, where are you originally from? How different is Hachinohe from where you grew up?

 I originally arose in England, but then I quickly dispersed to New Zealand where I underwent most of my development. My territory there differs from where I am now in almost every way.

How did you become interested in Japan in the first place? Have your ideas about Japan changed at all since moving here?

  I became interested in Japan while beginning to learn the language in intermediate (middle) school, and while practicing karate. My opinions about Japan haven’t really changed since I arrived; it’s still cool, as we’re on good terms.

What kind of things do you like to do in your free time?

 My nefarious hobbies include martial arts, science, gaming (tabletop and PC), winning, the outdoors, and over-indulgence in coffee.

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

 The coolest thing I have ever done might have been to live on a small Fijian island for 3 months, raise some chickens, swim among the corals and drink kava all day every day. Prime. The second possibility might have been the time I rolled a 20 on a 20-sided die four times in a row. It’s a close call.

To ask a totally Japanese question, do you have a dream for the future?

 My dream for the future is universal paideia and scientific enlightenment.

Winter is FINALLY over! What are you looking forward to doing this spring?

 I am most looking forward to the weather getting warm enough to hang out at the beach, which we totally have in Hachinohe.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about yourself or Hachinohe?

My area has an awesome collection of friendly JETs, so be sure to visit them if you’re passing through! Also, we have サバップル (apple pie with mackerel inside), in case you like your seafood and confection together in one dish.


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