May Events

Now that the Cherry Blossom festivals have ended, it’s time to talk about the rest of May here in Aomori. With so much going on during Golden week the next three weeks seem low key in comparison, but there are still fun things happening.  We’ve got dancing, singing, and more flower festivals happening through May, so keep enjoying Spring!

 Second Weekend

Street Dance and Performance Festival (弘前ストリートダンス&パフォーマンスフェスティバル2012)

What: Dance battles, Skateboard and BMX performances, dance shows, and a DJ.

Why: If you like dancing, music or skateboards you’ll probably have fun!

When: May 12th from 11:00 to 8:00

Where: Dotemachi in Hirosaki (〒036-8181 青森県弘前市中土手町・下土手町商店街、蓬莱広場、市民中央広場)

Cost: free

Websites: Official:


Third Weekend

 Yokohama Rapeseed Blossom Festival (2012菜の花フェスティバルinよこはま)

What: A marathon, a maze, and giant fields of yellow flowers (Japan’s largest rapeseed field) as well as the regular fair stuff.

Why: Get lost in a maze of flowers, photograph yourself in front of an endless sea of yellow blossoms, or purchase some local rapeseed products.

When: Saturday and Sunday May 19th & 20th. Most of the events seem to be on the 20th.

Where: Yokohama in Shimokita (〒039-4114 青森県上北郡横浜町大豆田)

Cost: free

Websites: Official(Japanese):

Pictures from a previous year:

 Rock the Mountain!

What: It’s a free rock concert!

Why: Free music and Tori’s husband Kyle will be playing there too.

When: May 20th, starts at 11:00am

Where: A golf course in Hirosaki I think (〒036-1343 青森県弘前市大字百沢字裾野124)

Cost: Free



Fourth Weekend

Yet again the last week of the month seems to be devoid of any big events.  But there are still plenty of exciting things to do now that the weather is warm. So please enjoy spring and if you know of any cool events happening around the Ken, let me know.

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