Hirosaki Sakura Matsuri 5/4

Come out and enjoy one of Japan’s most famous Cherry Blossom Festivals with some of the JET community!

We know a lot of us are taking full advantage of Golden week vacation days, but we also know that a big chunk of us are stickin around Aomori to enjoy Hanami! That’s where we come in!

We want to give everyone a place to chill out and relax among the blossoms! There are some good ol American fun and games to be had too! (Pit, cards, TWISTER!!) We’ll meet around 2ish then walk around/eat/row each other in blue boats around the moat and just spend time together. We also have night time illumination for those who are staying well into the night (and morning). Is karaoke in the cards!? Pooooooossibly:)
Please invite any Japanese friends too! We’ve got some already comin! Call or email Tori if you need a place to crash!



桜の中のゆったりと楽しめる場所で、懐かしいアメリカのゲームなんかするのもいいと思います。(Pit, cards, TWISTER!!など)


Share this flyer with your friends! (English Version)

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