Aomori AJET Blog!

Thanks for checkin’ us out! We, Aomori AJET, are working hard to get this blog up and running. We hope that we can share event details, schedules, maps, pictures and various resources through this blog! We also want to welcome any creative ideas that you JETs might have for us about new events and gatherings you want to have this year! We’ll try our best to make them happen. IF you’ve got a special talent you want to show off, let us know!

Here are a few new things we’ll be doing on this blog:

  • Aomori Spotlight: These are interviews with random JETs from various regions of the prefecture! Written by Kimberly Sadovich, in Hirosaki city, the interview will feature a JET every other week! We will randomly select a different JET from each region of the prefecture, and if they accept, will get a chance to tell everyone a little about themselves, their schools, their talents, and interesting facts! It’s a great way to connect with, and get to know people who live hours across the ken! Maybe you’ll even get to see some other people who are in situations just like yours! Not everything has to be ESID, right?
  • Trivia! We haven’t really decided just yet, but there’ll be monthly trivia questions. They’ll most likely be Aomori-ken related, and possibly about the JETs living here. The winners will get a little somethin’ special for their hard work and great effort!
  • Provide you with volunteer opportunities. Even if AJET can’t organize a group of us to go help the Earthquake/Tsunami victims together, it doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with an opportunity to do so! We’ll do our best to post necessary information  you’ll need to helping the victims in various cities.
  • Give you info on events. We are brainstorming really hard about what kind of events to hold for everyone. We realize that we have a lot of non-drinkers and drinkers alike, as well as veggies and carnivores. We’ll do our best to provide good CHEAP fun!!

Aomori AJET is here to help YOU connect with other JETS and their friends around the prefecture. We also want to give you resources you might need for volunteer opportunities.  Feel free to browse the page a little to get to know your Executive Council members and our goals for AJET this year!

Looking forward to serving you lovely Aomori JETs!

Tori Sharpe, Dave Herlich, and Jamie Iwashita

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